The Empire of FakeNews – Livre Concorrência(Free Competition)

The Mafia that says to defend the Free Competition, owns a website, that passes far well to be journalism. The website called Livre Concorrência (Free Competition) does not inform and only publish false and misleading news with defamatory contents that attack companies, unions and assemblers. In contrast, the content conveyed favors a single logistics company: Gabardo! But unfortunately he has been able to deceive many.

Who finances the website ? Gabardo?

Recently, the website even made a stating that “the site is not from Gabardo”. Really ? So why so much favor to such a company? It is common that internet sites have sponsors, have space for ads, after some time of existence. But, the site in question seems to be provide for “magic”. And he says he has a “lean team”, in fact, this false bulwark of the free market, has as one of his arms a false syndicalist who goes by name Magayver, and in other hand a greedy company, Gabardo, able to go over who stands in his way as competitors, using dirty devices to do so.


And following the teachings of Stalin, website Livre Concorrência follows the maxim:

“Impeach your opponents of what you do, call them what you are.”

And so the Portal that spouts lies, receives to produce its stories, an outrage to real journalism, while calling anyone who dares oppose as ‘bandit’. But who are the bandits? Those who fight for their rights or those who are lacking in truth?


The person responsible Ivens Carus, already responds to several lawsuits because of the defamatory contents published, but, he remains firm in painting the picture that Gabardo is a good and exemplary company. A quick and simple search on google, points out how many processes this company accumulates. But for Livre Concorrencia , the Gabardo would be “angel of transportation”.

We who are committed to the truth receive complaints with solid evidence, which ultimately show who the site is. And, the moment of truth is coming and exposing to Brazil and to the world that the financier of this fakenews empire. And it will not be with “a shovel of lime” that the truth will be buried.

The material is being referred to the appropriate authorities. And soon the truth will be published here! After all, whose site is it? The truth is reaching the heels of the false “Free Competition”(Livre Concorrência) and the Gabardo Company.

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